How Do I Know If My BMW Is Low On Oil?

If you are a proud owner of a BMW, one of the most important things to keep an eye on is your oil level. Low oil can cause major engine damage and expensive repair bills, so it’s essential that you stay on top of your oil levels at all times. Here are some tips for how to tell if your BMW is low on oil.

Can you drive on low oil BMW?

If you're receiving a notification from your BMW about the oil being at the minimum level, it means that it's time to add more oil. Your engine does not have enough oil to run properly and continuing to drive with low oil levels will cause damage to your car's engine, so this should be addressed right away.

Check your dipstick regularly

The easiest way to check your oil level is to pull out the dipstick and inspect it. The dipstick, which can be found in the engine bay, will have markings on it that tell you how much oil is present in the engine. Note that the maximum and minimum levels of oil should never be exceeded, so if you’re close to either of these marks then it’s time to top up the oil.

Check for any warning lights

If your BMW is low on oil, a warning light may appear on your dashboard. This typically looks like an orange or red oil can with a drop underneath it. When this warning appears, you should immediately top up your oil levels as soon as possible.

Listen for any unusual engine noises

Low oil can also cause your engine to make strange sounds, such as knocking or tapping noises. It’s important to pay attention to these noises and take action if they become more frequent or louder.

Will engine shut off if low on oil?

Most newer cars have a few safety features to help protect the engine in tough situations. For example, many vehicles will automatically turn off if the oil pressure falls below a certain point, or if the oil level gets too low (although this isn't true for all cars). When either of these things happen, it cuts off the engine and causes it to stall and die.

Can I add oil to my car without changing it?

You can add oil to your car without fear of damaging your engine, as long as you keep up with regular oil changes. Adding oil regularly is a smart practice that will help keep your car running smoothly.


It’s important to check your oil levels regularly, as low oil can cause major damage to your BMW's engine. The easiest way to tell if your car is low on oil is to pull out the dipstick and examine it for the minimum and maximum levels of oil. Additionally, watch out for any warning lights that appear on your dashboard and listen for any strange noises coming from the engine. If you need to add oil, make sure to do it right away and keep up with regular oil changes as well. Doing so will help keep your BMW in good shape for years to come.