How Do You Put Windshield Wipers On A Jeep?

It is important to know how to put windshield wipers on a Jeep because, if you don't do it correctly, the wipers won't work properly. Additionally, incorrect installation of the wipers can cause further damage to the vehicle and affect its overall performance. This article will explain step-by-step instructions for installing windshield wipers on a Jeep.

Is it hard to put windshield wipers on?

Normally, you won't need any tools to replace your car's windshield wipers; all you'll need are both hands. To find the blades on your car, lift up the wiper arms. Usually they're designed under spring tension to stay in place and give you enough room to easily change out the old blades for new ones.


1. Gather All Supplies: You will need a flat-blade screwdriver, the new windshield wipers, and an adjustable wrench or pliers for this task.

2. Remove the Old Wipers: Start by locating the wiper arms on either side of the windshield and using the screwdriver to remove the retaining nut from each one. Pay attention to how the old wipers are installed, so you can replicate it when you install the new ones.

3. Install New Wipers: Place the new wiper arms onto the studs on either side of the windshield and secure them with a retaining nut by using the adjustable wrench or pliers. Make sure the nut is tightened securely, but not too tight, as you don't want to risk damaging the windshield.

4. Test Wipers: Once you have installed the new wiper arms and secured them with a retaining nut, it's time to test them out. Turn on your Jeep and activate the windshield wipers. If the wipers are working properly, you have successfully installed them!

Why you shouldn't put your wipers up?

According to Robinson, keeping your wipers up when you park exposed the plastic gears and other mechanical components to possible damage from forceful wind gusts. Additionally, the continuous exposure to harsh elements could cause the rubber blade of the wiper to be ripped off.


Installing windshield wipers on a Jeep is actually quite straightforward and requires no prior knowledge or experience. All you need are a few simple tools and some patience. Make sure to pay attention to all the steps listed above for a successful installation and test the wipers once you have installed them before driving your Jeep. And remember to never leave your wipers up when parking; this will help ensure they last as long as possible. With these tips in mind, your windshield wipers should be good as new! Good luck and stay safe on the roads!