Ways of Measuring Lug Pattern

The bolt pattern concerns the appearance or lack of bolts on the wheel. As the bolts will be uniformly spaced, this defines the pattern of the bolts. The bolt circle is the circle created by the intersection of the bolt circles of all of the bolts on a nut.

The most important indicator is the pitch circle diameter (PCD), which can be represented in either inches or millimeters. For a 4- or 6-bolt car, the difference between the middle of two diametrically opposite bolts is merely the measurement.

If the wheel has a 5-bolt design with one bolt hole in the centre, count from the center of one bolt hole to the center of the next bolt hole. You will calculate the distance along the middle of a bolt hole to the center of the second hole by multiplying the distance by the ratio 1.05.

A wheel with a 5 bolt pattern which has a 4 1/2 inch pitch circle would be known as a 5 on 4.5".

The detailed information about the bolt pattern you can find at  lug-pattern.com . Here you can also find out how to measure the lug pattern correctly.

If a wheel's bolt patterns do not complement a car's hubs, it is not recommended that they be used in that car. However, you can adjust the lug pattern of a wheel with an adapter.

Phase 1

Figure out if a converter is available that can convert one of your car's mounting patterns to another. If a bolt pattern can't quickly be adapted to another bolt pattern, it is rare. Check out different firms to see if they sell the equipment you like. In the case that the connector that you require is not offered, you may maybe have it custom made.

Phase 2

Loosen the wheel lugs for your wheels to be more stable. With jacks in place, raise the vehicle and drop the vehicle into jacks. Take the wheel out of the vehicle and cut the lug nuts.

Phase 3

Pass the axle into the vehicles hub. Screw in the provided bolts we supplied. Fasten the lug bolts with a torque wrench to 95 lb/ft. Check that the wheel nuts are not hitting the tire. The hub mounting surface must be absolutely clean and smooth. If the adapter protrudes through the studs, they may need to be replaced with shorter studs.

Thread the nut into the threaded stud on the adapter. Tighten the lug nuts with a torque wrench to 95ft/lbs. Drop the car and measure the jack stand with the floor jack before raising the truck.