What Size Wheels Can I Put On A 1500 Silverado?

When upgrading your truck, you may be considering adding larger wheels. But what size wheels can you put on a 1500 Silverado? Here’s everything you need to know about wheel sizes and bolt patterns for the Silverado 1500 before making any changes to your vehicle.

Wheel Size Options

The most common wheel size options for a Silverado 1500 are 15”, 16”, 17”, and 18” wheels. It is important to consult the Silverado 1500 bolt pattern guide for your exact model year to ensure that you select wheels that will fit correctly on your truck.

Bolt Pattern Guide

It is essential to consult the Silverado 1500 bolt pattern guide to ensure that the wheels you choose will fit correctly on your truck. The bolt pattern of a wheel is determined by the number of lug nuts it has as well as the distance between them. Generally, Silverado 1500s have either five or six lugs.

How to upgrade Silverado 1500 wheels?

If you would like to upgrade your Silverado 1500 wheels, consult the bolt pattern guide associated with your model year and decide on a wheel size option that will fit correctly. After selecting the correct size for your truck, you can choose from a range of alloy or steel wheel designs to complete the look of your vehicle.

Tools and Equipment

Before installing the new wheels on your Silverado 1500, make sure to have all necessary tools and equipment on hand. This includes a lug nut wrench, a wheel chock, and a jack. Additionally, you will need protective gloves as well as safety glasses if you are conducting the installation yourself.

Step-by-step Installation

Once you have all of your tools and equipment ready, follow these steps for a successful installation process:

1. Secure your truck with the wheel chock and jack it up so that the wheels are off the ground.

2. Remove each old wheel from the vehicle, one at a time. Dispose of old wheels according to local regulations.

3. Carefully inspect the lug nuts and bolts on the new wheels, making sure they are secure before installation.

4. Hand-tighten each of the lug nuts onto the threads of the wheel studs, making sure not to cross thread them in the process.

5. Tighten each lug with the lug nut wrench until they are all securely in place.

6. Test the installation by placing weight on each wheel, checking for any play or looseness. If necessary, adjust and tighten further as needed.

7. Lower your Silverado 1500 back to the ground and you’re good to go!


Installing new wheels on your Silverado 1500 is a great way to customize and upgrade your vehicle. Before making any changes, make sure to consult the correct bolt pattern guide for your model year, select the proper wheel size, gather all necessary tools and equipment, and follow our step-by-step installation process. Happy upgrading!